Fairy Garden Bees Dragonfly Rose Art

Inspiring designs that make your baby shower shine.

Fairy Garden Bees Dragonfly Rose Art

Beautiful baby shower invitations are great for: baby boy showers, baby showers for girls, and couples showers.

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Isn’t this Fairy Garden Bees Dragonfly Rose Art great? You can find plenty of inspiring designs to use with your baby shower, just take a look at all of the wonderful ideas that will give your baby shower a creative twist.

This sweet fairy garden party image is original hand painted artwork in a vintage style perfect for either a boy, girl or gender neutral baby shower. A lovely fairy is riding on the back of her friend the dragonfly as she enters her garden. Bumble bees hover around their antique style bee skep while a whimsical song bird looks over them. Another fairy is gathering forget-me-nots from the garden. Shown with a scalloped edge that can be changed out for another shape or plain edge to save costs. A complete party decor set is available to match. Art copyright Audrey Jeanne Roberts, all rights reserved.

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